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  1. Co-edited books, Appearances & Anthologies

    TESTCARD #25: Kritik, published by Roger Behrens, Jonas Engelmann, Frank Apunkt Schneider, Anna Seidel, Jana Sotzko, Ventil Verlag, Mainz 2017.

    DAMAGED GOODS, 150 Einträge in die Punk-Geschichte, published by Jonas Engelmann, Ventil Verlag, Mainz 2016.

    with Michael Fesca, Suza Husse, Teena Lange, nGbK, Berlin 2015.

    LOOKS FAMILIAR, with Suza Husse, Savvy Contemporary, Berlin 2011.


    I regularly write about music and comic books, e.g. for Jungle WorldMissy Magazine and LOLA.