SOFT GRID (since 2015)

Experimental pop/ noise band with Theresa Stroetges and Christian Hohenbild. 

(c) Lenna Sandmann

(c) Lenna Sandmann

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    (c) Lenna Sandmann

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    (c) Sara Perovic

EPIPHANY NOW (since 2013)

Epiphany Now is an electroacoustic audiovisual improvisation group with Theresa Stroetges,  Loretta Myr and Benjamin Augustin.


DROPOUT PATROL (2011-2016)

Lofi-Bedroom solo project turned full band over the years. I wrote, played guitar and sang.


Post punk quartet. I played guitar and sang.

EX BEST FRIENDS (2008-2013)

Post-punk/ Riot Grrrl. I played the drums. Everybody sang.

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